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One Million Dreams is a social platform designed to help you create and accelerate your dreams.

Our mission is to build a world of dreamers and doers.  

Downloading the mobile app will enable users to pursue and achieve their boldest aspirations. 

The time has come for a Social App that is both positive and purposeful. 

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The Dream App helps users identify their dreams, and the actions steps and timelines for achieving them. On the dream app's dashboard, several categories of dreams appear and are shared in a social network feed where dreamers inspire one another, like, comment, and provide the connections that help make dreams become real, creating a community, and a world of dreamers and doers. Within one's own dream profile, the app alerts and notifies users reminding them to take action which helps hold oneself accountable for their own progress and success.

To become a beta tester iPhone users can send a request to and be invited to enroll via iTunes' Test Flight portal. Android users can go directly to Google Play by clicking the Google Play icon below. We have a targeted release date of a fully enabled version of August, 2018 where upon the Dream App will available directly on the App Store. 


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  To get the back story on One Million Dreams, Click the Logo Above

To get the back story on One Million Dreams, Click the Logo Above


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